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Mark A. Matey, DPM

Podiatrist located in Jacksonville, FL
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About Florida Foot and Ankle 


Mark A. Matey, DPM, of Florida Foot and Ankle, is passionate about his podiatric care, helping his patients in the Palm Coast, and Jacksonville, Florida areas maintain great foot health that will serve them well for years to come. With three locations (two in Jacksonville and one in Palm Coast), Dr. Matey caters to foot problems of all kinds, from bunions and hammertoes to diabetic foot care and foot wounds.

Recently, Florida Foot and Ankle was recognized by the greater Jacksonville community as “Bold City’s Best” Podiatrist 2018.   

Dr. Matey is a graduate of Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio, and earned his medical degree from the Ohio  College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland. After leaving school, Dr. Matey spent the next three years training at a nationally respected surgical residency, Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Miami.

During his time serving veterans, Dr. Matey underwent considerable training in wound care, which he put to good use when he was approached by Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville to help open its new Wound Institute, the first to offer hyperbaric treatment in Northeast Florida. Dr. Matey also has extensive experience with endovenous radiofrequency ablation for treating venous disease. 

Mission Statement

Florida Foot and Ankle offers high quality, patient-centered care. We are dedicated to treating the whole person, not just a single symptom or body part. Florida Foot and Ankle’s reputation for excellent care is built upon trust. We aspire to treat each and every patient like our own family.

  • “Changed my life! I went in with a leg that looked like two purple wobbly watermelons stuck on top of the blue water balloon that was my ankle, all balanced on the slab of liver my foot resembled. My foot was so bad my toenails had stopped growing and it ballooned over the top of shoes, when I could fit it in one at all. Ten years of trekking around other doctors who shook their heads and said nothing could be done.

    My pain was so bad I could barely haul around the grocery store or limp into his office. Dr Matey doesn’t spend his time glued to his computer screen. He LISTENED. He poked, prodded, had his wonderful staff spend ages on my leg with the ultrasound. Got on the machine himself. Then he began, one vein at a time. Patiently. Explaining everything as he went and what he needed me to do to help it heal. The kind of partnership you wish you got from every doctor and office staff.

  • It took him several years, because damage like mine is no quick fix and my veins looked like tangled and knotted spaghetti. Today I have matching legs. My “bad” foot fits easily in shoes (no wobbles flowing over the tops and sides). I can WALK, not drag the bad leg behind me or have to prop it up on something every time I sit down. My legs match! I call him Dr. Miracle because he handed me one. There aren’t enough stars for this doctor and his office.”

    I Love Dr Matey. He is so fantastic and personable, very caring and concerned. Three years ago, I had restless legs in five areas between the Right and Left legs, so bad we would have to constantly stop the car when we were out and about so I could try and walk it off. Sleeping was horrible. I had also been wearing an air cast for five years and had been told by an Orthopedic Surgeon at NAS Hospital I would have to wear it for life due to Avascular Necrosis and surgery would not help.

  • The first time I saw Dr Matey I had come in for my Left foot for it was giving me problems. He explained what was happening and had inquired about the Right foot and wanted to know why was I in an air cast. When I explained how I was to wear it for life, he said that was inexcusable and felt he could fix my problem. Not only was he able to do surgery and fix my problem I can wear tennis shoes again (with a brace) and I was so excited. After the foot surgery he then was able to fix all my restless leg problems as well as my husbands restless legs before our move to Costa Rica (3 years ago).

    I flew in and saw him to follow up on my foot and it was so wonderful to see my FAVORITE DOCTOR that helped me so much. Now you can understand why I say, “I love this man”. My husband and I are so very grateful for him! He is the only Doctor I will see when it comes to my legs and feet no matter where I am living!

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Words from our patients

  • 5 star

    I can WALK, not drag the bad leg behind me or have to prop it up on something every time I sit down. My legs match! I call him Dr. Miracle because he handed me one.

    Beth I.
  • 5 star

    I think he is the BEST Podiatrist around. Not only did he fix my foot, he also fixed my severe case of Restless Legs.

    Linda C.
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