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Patient Stories

- Leandra Lima 5/15/2019
"I am soooooo freaking happy with Doc Matey!!!! he saved my foot!!! i got botched after a awful bunion surgery,thank God i found him!!! i love everything about his office,the staff are all so sweet and courteous ready to help!!! Make ur appointment and b pain free!!!!??"



- Teddi Kramer 5/8/2019
"Thank you Dr. Matey and Denise and office staff for taking care of my 90 young year old mother!"



- Nancy Grammes 4/16/2019
"Dr. Matey was recommended to us for my husband's foot problems. We visited him on 4/15/19 and were very impressed. He didn't try to sell us on orthotics or surgery that we didn't need. He gave us advice on how to handle the problem for the best results and gave us a website and item that we could purchase on our own, rather than selling it to us at a price mark-up. He and his staff were very professional and saw us exactly on our appointment time. If we have further problems, we will definitely go back to Dr. Matey."



- Jean Edwards 3/27/2019
"Dr. Matey and his staff do everything possible to make you comfortable at your appointment. Dr. Matey is a fun-loving person, and makes the time go quickly."
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- Teresa Akel 3/25/2019
"If you need a foot or vein doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Matey. He and his staff are all personable, knowledgeable, professional and have great bedside manner! They're always on time, and they aren't looking to take advantage of you monetarily."



- E F 3/5/2019
"My mom has been seeing Dr. Matey for the last 8 years. He is absolutely terrific! He is very knowledgeable and confident in his abilities. She has "white coat syndrome" and he makes her feel very comfortable and at ease. He spends time with us during our visits and explains her care in detail. He is truly concerned about her well-being and we are grateful for that. I highly recommend him!"



- Susan W. 1/24/2019
"From the minute you walk in the office until you leave, you feel at home. Dr Matey and his staff are awesome and have done everything they could to make my treatment for my leg veins as easy and as comfortable as possible. Dr Matey explains everything so there are no surprises, and best of all... painless!!"



- A Lacey 12/4/2018
"Dr Matey and staff have been amazing. I have seen several Drs for my veinous insufficiency. When I met with Dr Matey his diagnosis and knowledge of my condition far exceeded all the others I had seen over the past 10 years. I had 4 ablations done to close damaged veins. Procedures and recovery were explained throughly and the whole process has been very easy. Best part...No more restless, achy, or swelling in my legs! Thank you Dr Matey for caring about the real problem and not just the quick fixes!"



- Angie L. 12/1/2018
"Dr Matey and staff have been amazing. I have seen several Drs for my veinous insufficiency. When I met with Dr Matey his diagnosis and knowledge of my condition far exceeded all the others I had seen over the past 10 years. I had 4 ablations done to close damaged veins. Procedures and recovery were explained throughly and the whole process has been very easy. Best part...No more restless, achy, or swelling in my legs! Thank you Dr Matey for caring about the real problem and not just the quick fixes!"



- Ramaswamy Narayanan 10/12/2018
"Dr. Matey is a terrific Podiatrist. He makes the patient at ease with his gentle mannerism. He is personable and spends whatever time is needed to understand the issues. He explains very clearly and does not rush. Over the last 30 years of my experience with various doctors, he is one of the best. I would recommend him highly. The office staff is very good. Thank you Dr. Matey!"



- thylton25 10/9/2018
"Dr. Matey, and his staff have made my not so nice legs tons better inside and out. The atmosphere is welcoming and caring, they make you feel like family. They talk you through every procedure, letting you know exactly what to expect, with what your veins are going through to change for a better quality of life, and over all appearance. Thank-U! South Jacksonville Vein Specialist!"



- Harold 9/6/2018
"I first met Dr. Matey at Diabetic Wound Care about 12 years ago. I had a construction accident and almost lost my leg. Through many months of treatment, I credit Dr. Matey with saving my leg. He has been my foot doctor ever since and I would not consider anyone else. My wife is now also a patient and also extremely pleased. He does what is best for the patient, not the easiest or most expensive. Thank you for many years of great service."
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- Linda Crawford 8/22/2018
"I Love Dr Matey. He is so fantastic and personable, very caring and concerned. Three years ago, I had restless legs in five areas between the Right and Left legs, so bad we would have to constantly stop the car when we were out and about so I could try and walk it off. Sleeping was horrible. I had also been wearing an air cast for five years and had been told by an Orthopedic Surgeon at NAS Hospital I would have to wear it for life due to Avascular Necrosis and surgery would not help. The first time I saw Dr Matey I had come in for my Left foot for it was giving me problems. He explained what was happening and had inquired about the Right foot and wanted to know why was I in an air cast. When I explained how I was to wear it for life, he said that was inexcusable and felt he could fix my problem. Not only was he able to do surgery and fix my problem I can wear tennis shoes again (with a brace) and I was so excited. After the foot surgery he then was able to fix all my restless leg problems as well as my husbands restless legs before our move to Costa Rica (3 years ago). I flew in and saw him 20 August 2018 to follow up on my foot and it was so wonderful to see my FAVORITE DOCTOR that helped me so much. Now you can understand why I say, “I love this man”. My husband and I are so very grateful for him! He is the only Doctor I will see when it comes to my legs and feet no matter where I am living!"
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- Martin Mcgrane 8/8/2018
"Quick and very informative!!! Always very nice"



- Barbara Long 7/20/2018
"Dr Matey and staff are A+ friendly and professional!! I’ve been a hairstylist for over 35 years. My legs literally hurt all the time and had so many bad veins, that I haven’t worn shorts or a knee length dress in years!!! After only 2 appointments my legs felt SO much better!! At this point, It’s looking pretty promising that I will wear shorts and dresses again!!!!!?? Thank you Dr Matey and staff!! Your the best!!! (Go Blue) LOL"



- Jeff 7/11/2018
"Not only did the pain and swelling go away after my vein surgery, but unexpectedly even the hair on my legs is growing back in bald spots I thought would never fill in. Also the staff is very helpful and friendly and make appointments that work with my schedule."
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- Abigail C. 6/21/2018
"Dr Mark Matey just removed two nails on two toes. He is kind. He listens. And he cares. He also explains the procedure...and you understand. He numbed it sufficiently. I was in pain over the weekend...and he called me back twice. He is my new hero. I am in my 60s and I highly recommend Dr Mark. He and his staff will take good care of you. Bravo Dr Mark...and Thank you so much."



- Brandon Greenwalt 5/31/2018
"Friendly staff and great service! Would definitely recommend!"



- Sheila R. 5/31/2018
"Dr Matey and staff were very professional and helpful. I had vein procedures done and am extremely happy with the results."



- Sheila Robinson 5/30/2018
"Very impressed with Dr Matey and staff. Went in for some spider vein removal and was extremely happy with the results!!! Would definitely recommend!!!"
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- Beth Irwin 2/12/2018
"Changed my life! I went in with a leg that looked like two purple wobbly watermelons stuck on top of the blue water balloon that was my ankle, all balanced on the slab of liver my foot resembled. My foot was so bad my toenails had stopped growing and it ballooned over the top of shoes, when I could fit it in one at all. Ten years of trekking around other doctors who shook their heads and said nothing could be done. My pain was so bad I could barely haul around the grocery store or limp into his office. Dr Matey doesn't spend his time glued to his computer screen. He LISTENED. He poked, prodded, had his wonderful staff spend ages on my leg with the ultrasound. Got on the machine himself. Then he began, one vein at a time. Patiently. Explaining everything as he went and what he needed me to do to help it heal. The kind of partnership you wish you got from every doctor and office staff. It took him several years, because damage like mine is no quick fix and my veins looked like tangled and knotted spaghetti. Today I have matching legs. My "bad" foot fits easily in shoes (no wobbles flowing over the tops and sides). I can WALK, not drag the bad leg behind me or have to prop it up on something every time I sit down. My legs match! I call him Dr. Miracle because he handed me one. There aren't enough stars for this doctor and his office."



- Linda Crawford 8/18/2017
"OMG! I am floored by the two poor reviews I just read regarding Dr. Mark Matey. Originally I had gone to a different podiatrist for my right foot. I was not able to walk without horrible pain for it felt like I had broken my foot. I was put into an air cast by a different doctor and was told they couldn't do anything else for me. After 5 years of being in an air cast, I went to the NAS Base Orthopedic Surgeon and was told I would be in the air cast for the rest of my life, there was nothing that could be done for me. Then my left foot began doing what my right foot did. I had no idea of who to see so I found Dr. Mark Matey and made an appointment. I was seen right away by Dr. Matey and he asked me what was going on. I told him how my left foot was doing the same as the right. He inquired about my right foot with the air cast on and told him how I had been in it for five years and was told I would be in it the rest of my life. He said, "that is unacceptable". Said he was more interested in the right foot and said if he could fix the right foot, the left would take care of its self so he asked if he could work on the right foot, I said sure, what did I have to lose. When he saw the x-rays, he explained and showed me what he could do. So to make a long story short and after 8 screws and two plates, he was able to fuse my bones together to keep them from sliding into a spot where my other bone died. I had to have 4 surgeries in two years and for the first time in 8 years I was able to walk by wearing a brace and tennis shoes. I love this man, he was able to get me out of an air cast and back into tennis shoes. I have been in my brace and tennis shoes for over three years now and I think he is the BEST Podiatrist around. Not only did he fix my foot, he also fixed my severe case of Restless Legs. I was on Mirapex and Extended Release Mirapex medicine for years (because no one could help me). Dr. Matey was able to go in and cauterized a total of 5 veins; 3 in one leg and 2 in the other. No more restless legs. My husband also developed Restless Legs after he had bilateral knee replacement. Dr. Matey was able to relieve him of his Restless Legs. We have since moved to Costa Rica and have never had a problem since. I want to say: "Thank you Dr. Matey, I will never forget you! You are the BEST!!""



- J C. 9/9/2016
"Was very impressed with Dr. Matey. Extremely professional and found much relief with his interventions. Wonderful staff . Highly recommend"



- Cocobe L. 10/21/2013
"Doctor M. did my foot surgery very happy with the results, I was referred to him by my podiatrist. Very happy with the office staff. Recovery was easy and no extra costs or add ons. His new office is really nice and very comfortable. Client for life. Dr. M is very easy to speak to and listens."
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